弊社では、VOYAGE GROUPと朝日新聞社が提供するスマホ辞書の決定版「コトバンク」のUIデザインおよび開発を担当しました。

“Kotobank” is the go-to smartphone dictionary. Kotobank is a search service that encompasses a full gamut dictionaries — from encyclopedias to Japanese-Japanese dictionaries and English-Japanese dictionaries. This search service is now available as an app. You can use the web-based version of Kotobank free of charge, purchase a variety of dictionaries and use the “Online Dictionary Mode” that delivers a “Word of the Day” every day, and the app also features an “Electronic Dictionary Mode” that allows you to search across only the dictionaries you want. Despite the common misconception that the service offers solely intellectual dictionaries, there is a tremendous wealth of dictionaries available including a cocktail dictionary and a “Festivals of the World” dictionary.

Japanese verison only

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